Last fly by

Swallows last fly by maybe?

Why are you still here?

Or have you just arrived.

Wherever you come from, this a feeding stop, a pit stop. Are you on your way. Where have you come from.

Where are you going. Oh such a long way to go.

Final fly by.

Final feeding before you go, before the big fly.

Or is it just a matter of stops along the way.

Final fly by. Final fly by.

From here. The final fly by from here from this place from this wood,from this field, from this house.

Maybe you’re not my swallows or Kathy swallows.

Kathy swallows left ages ago, my swallows left ages ago. Where did you come from? Farther north.

Are you with your family. What is there four, five of you. Flying by, feeding, feeding in the burn, feeding in my wood, feeding in this wood. Catching medige, catching flies before you go by, before you go on your way.

Final fly by.

While you catch up with my swallows, with Kathy swallows. With all the swallows. Will they all go to the same place. What will they do there. Well they talk. Oh we stopped by your wood, we ate your flies, you left a space for us.

Space for us.

The final fly by.

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